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My aesthetic focus is to consider spatial definition – how units fit together and how selected variations of surface applications enhance the piece.

My concentration in textile construction enables rhythmic progression and processes which refine outcomes within the cumulative stream of consciousness.

4 years old, 1952, sitting next to Mom, watching her and mimicking her hands while knitting, lighted by staccato black/white television… decades of stitchings in perpetual passage…

Art Education Degree, fusing intellect, consciousness, ingenuity…

Master of Arts degree, studio and rituals: sewing, beading, crocheting ( 3 – D )

National and International Exhibitions – installation sculptures ( highlight – Lausanne Biennale, Switzerland, 1987)

Doctorate, Creative Arts Education, 1997.

ISAMA (International Society of Art, Mathematics, Architecture)… writing for “Hyperseeing” Journals- research and studies through the continuum, integrating intellectual and creative issues – my language of hand-made synthesized: enduring, persistent, infinite.