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Come visit a picture book collection like no other; one that dazzles sight and entices adventure.

Each volume is a first/last/ONLY~ edition which features everyday events or those seldom entered. These diversions conjure a treasure trove of impressions, speculations and associations.

Each provides a launching point for completing the open ended tale which prompts dialog, engages Viewers’ unique repertoire of references.

I tempt viewers to share the experience- to ponder, to engage curiosities:

  • What sounds are generated from the scene’s happenings?
  • What preceded this scene? What could follow?
  • What does it reveal about life? About your life?
  • What sense of place is within the imagery? Within your own surroundings? (Compare/contrast)
  • Where does the story lead you?
  • Why does this element spark a memory/connection?
  • How does this scene move you? In which way?
  • How does each element intrigue, fascinate, lure or bore you? How do you relate to the images?

There are no incorrect responses. Thrive in your own trove of discoveries.



Birds of Purpose

Selea of the Sea


Salea, Sea Artisan

Birth of Fairies

Through a Pastoral Window

Over Tea

Town of Clinton, 150th Anniversary